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The great flexibility of our solutions allows for effective implementation regardless of the industry you operate in.

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Our Solutions

We offer six solutions based on our proprietary system. Their goal is to support business decision-making processes in the company.

  • Statutory consolidation

    • Data acquisition and verification
    • Elimination of internal transactions
    • Consolidated reports
  • Reporting according to ESEF

    • Simplified document structure
    • Full standardization compliant with ESEF
    • Convenient reporting templates
  • ESG

    • Servicing group stakeholders
    • Thematic databases of the group
    • Information about related entities
  • Smart Reporting

    • consolidated reports
    • elimination of internal transactions
    • data acquisition and verification
  • Microsoft Reporting

    • reports according to ESEF
    • budgeting and forecasting
    • statutory consolidation
  • Financial planning and managerial consolidation



  • Designing solutions in the field of management consolidation and controlling

    It involves the analysis of processes carried out by the company, utilized IT systems, applicable procedures, and other factors that influence the way the consolidation management or controlling system is implemented.

    The outcome of the work is a detailed document (technical project) describing:

    • The method of reflecting processes in the target system.

    • Principles of potential cooperation and data exchange between the system and other systems operating in the company.

    • Values ​​of certain system configuration parameters.

    • Necessary extensions and modifications to the standard system.

    Designing plays a significant role in the subsequent implementation process of the system. During the analysis, decisions are made that impact the future use of the application. They often also necessitate organizational changes within the company or changes in the principles of executing certain processes.

  • Computerization strategy and selection of IT systems

    The decision to choose an IT system is one of the most important strategic decisions. Therefore, the implementation of any IT system should be preceded by the development of an IT strategy, a document containing long-term goals in terms of operation, development of IT systems and technologies, and how IT management in the company will be handled, taking into account the resources necessary to achieve these goals.

    Based on the strategy, a software selection plan is created, specifying, among others:

    • Functional requirements of the software.

    • Market research based on needs.

    • Decisions regarding the purchase of new software or the development of existing software already in use in the company.

  • Implementation of changes in the company

    Strategic Workshops

    Strategic workshops are the most effective way to develop a long-term strategy for the company. After all, nobody knows the company better than the management and employees. Through brainstorming, a company action plan is collaboratively created, taking into account the company's mission and vision, determining the current market situation, and defining the direction and changes needed to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

    During the workshop, we use the following methodologies:

    • The Vester method which generates factors crucial for building company efficiency and their mutual influences. The outcome of the methodology is the determination of the main success factors for the company and the factors that have the greatest impact on it.

    • Balanced Score Card (BSC) by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, as a method for describing strategy but primarily as a tool for monitoring its implementation.

    • Management by Objective (MBO) a methodology very similar to BSC, which strongly influences the employee evaluation system and motivational system.

    The result of the workshops is the development of an action plan based on the above methodologies, serving as the basis for creating a new or modifying the current company strategy.

    Strategic workshops involve:

    • Company diagnosis based on collected materials (documents, information, discussions).

    • Joint work on determining the direction in which the company should go.

    • Development of material serving as the basis for changes in the current or the development of a new company strategy.

    • Determining how changes will be monitored.

    The duration of workshops depends on the size of the company. Training can be organized both at the client's location and at our company headquarters.

    Strategy Development

    The purpose of strategy development is to clearly define the direction in which the company should go to achieve success. It is a document that serves as a kind of instruction for the company's operations in changing internal and external conditions. It allows for real-time monitoring of the company's status and the achievement of set goals. It facilitates decision-making and speeds up reactions to potential threats.

    The strategy we develop includes:

    • Description of the company's current situation – SWOT analysis.

    • Development of the company's vision and mission.

    • Determination of strategic goals and intentions using BSC or MBO methods.

    • Determination of metrics for achieving the established strategic goals and assumptions, development of an action schedule.

    Additionally, at the client's request, the strategy can be expanded to include:

    • Financial projections.

    • Process mapping.

    • Design of solutions in the field of management consolidation and controlling.

    • IT strategy.

  • Process mapping and optimization

    Process mapping, or the graphical description of business processes in an enterprise, aims to:

    • Increase company efficiency through standardization of business processes and elimination of unnecessary activities.

    • Prepare the company for the implementation of workflow-supporting tools – a starting point for implementing ERP/CRM/BI systems.

    • Create process documentation for further use in process optimization, organizational changes, and changes in information systems.

    • Prepare metrics for evaluating the performance of selected processes.

    • Provide an opportunity to understand the functioning of internal business procedures in graphical notation.

    Process mapping is carried out based on BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), whose main advantages are:

    • Clarity,

    • Usefulness for describing processes for ERP software as well as workflows,

    • Support from over 70 tools.

    Mapping covers managerial, operational, and supporting processes. Analysis and description of processes can be conducted to any level of detail, depending on the specific operations of the enterprise.

  • Business Intelligence implementations

    We provide the development and implementation of decision support solutions perfectly tailored to the client's requirements.

    The typical scope of work for individual projects includes:

    • Diagnosis of business and production processes - audit;

    • Requirement generation - in close collaboration with the client, project assumptions are developed and the main components of the system are determined;

    • System design;

    • Development of organizational, accounting, and informational change projects;

    • Employee training;

    • Service support from consultants.

  • Trainings

    To our clients implementing our solutions, we provide fully integrated training for employees aligned with the implementation schedule. This approach maximally shortens the time from the completion of implementation to the full utilization of the possibilities arising from its application. These are open training sessions, the scope of which is closely related to the solutions being implemented in the enterprise.

    CONSORG SA also offers its clients closed training sessions, the topics of which are tailored to their needs and requirements each time.

    Closed training sessions are offered in the following areas:

    • Budgeting and controlling issues,

    • Cost analysis,

    • Strategic financial planning,

    • Financial statement consolidation,

    • Supporting strategic decision-making,

    • Data warehousing and OLAP technology.

    Training sessions can be organized either at the client's location or at our company's headquarters.

In addition to implementing IT solutions, we also offer specialized advisory and training services.

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IT Tools

We rely on excellent sets of tools that speed up work and increase the efficiency of conducted activities.


a platform for building web applications for collecting business data



Add-on for Word that allows you to automate the creation of reports based on data from various sources



An Excel add-on serving as an extension enabling detailed planning and reporting.


Power BI
SQL Server

An application designed for creating reports, budget planning, data analysis, and processing.


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"The implemented CONSORG BI Controlling solution has significantly improved the management of the sale of FIO and FIZ funds thanks to advanced analysis tools."

Skarbiec Holding SA

"Particularly noteworthy is the very high level of skills of CONSORG consultants, which they demonstrated during the implementation work."


"We have received modern technology which, based on the data obtained through it, supports the activities of the managerial staff in our company."


"During the work, CONSORG showed great flexibility, reconciling the requirements for performance and the construction of complex, yet user-friendly reports."

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